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Kilian Paris

Heir to one of the major French cognac houses, Kilian Hennessy wanted to take over the project of his family. The smells of his childhood spent near the family cellars in Cognac inspired him when he chose to work on the semantics of smells. In search of the "share of angels", a language common to gods and humans, he then met the world of perfumes: the sugar of alcohol and the wood of wine cellars can then be found in many fragrances by Kilian.
Kilian Hennessy's desire wass to make perfume visible. In 2014, he launched a collection of perfumed jewelery allowing women to wear their favorite fragrance in a different way, in a jewel. In 2015, Kilian created a first collection of scented art objects, a collection designed to make perfume a visible piece of art. Each Kilian perfume, on the other hand, comes in a vernished case, transmissible from generation to generation.