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Originally from Fukuoka, Japan, the London-based artist Kentaro Yamada raises many questions about human history, the past and the purpose of being, while maintaining an optimistic view of the creator. He has teamed up with perfumer Euan McCall to create disruptive fragrances in ceramic bottles reminiscent of Neanderthal axe-cut flint. Produced using 3D laser scanning and printing technology, the bottles pay homage to the DNA of this civilization that disappeared 50,000 years ago and is still alive within us.
Like an art object created in the image of those sophisticated beings of the time who already mastered the art of language, fire and drawing, Neandertal is the contemporary result of the collaboration between thinkers, designers, artists, perfumers and filmmakers. Most of the natural ingredients used in the fragrances come from ancient Neanderthal inhabited areas: Eurasia, Western Europe, Central China, East and South-West Asia, Africa and the Mediterranean...