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Inspired by their personal skincare journey, Retrouvé was founded by Jami and Klaus Heidegger, renowned for their work on the beloved and iconic skincare brand, Kiehl’s. Since 1851, this brand is designed for adults concerned with repairing and preserving the condition of their skin.
Rooted in over four generations of leading skincare knowledge, Retrouvé harnesses extensive expertise to create superlative skincare. The result: a highly effective line of products built to mitigate the visible signs of aging. Using only highly advanced, effective ingredients and the most luxurious formulations, Retrouvé is an elegant balance of science and nature, utilizing abundantly nourishing avocados harvested on the family's farm according to permaculture's green principles. The brand also employs an unmatched three-tiered airless production methodology, called RTAPS313™, which preserves the integrity and efficacy of the products beyond industry standards.