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La bouche rouge

Nicolas Gerlier founded La bouche rouge in 2017 as a response to the plastic pollution linked to cosmetic products. His vision is clear: to reinvent the rules of the beauty industry. Inspired by his grandmother's boudoir, he developed beauty objects elegant as they are effective in revealing the natural beauty of each person. La bouche rouge calls for a different way of consumption, a luxury that respects people, the planet and the generations to come.
As the first French brand of eco-responsible make-up, La bouche rouge uses the know-how of traditional French craftsmanship, a guarantee of quality and durability, to create recyclable and reusable cases. More than just make-up, La bouche rouge lipsticks, mascaras, pencils and face powders are designed as real serums composed of a minimum of 60% of active ingredients. Innovative formulas in plastic-free cases for a reduced environmental impact but a revolution in the industry.