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Sileno Cheloni

In the heart of Florence, along via di San Niccolò, master perfumer Sileno Cheloni celebrates life. Memories rub shoulders with new olfactory suggestions, giving life to magical filters that nourish and invigorate our memories. A precious "blue" bottle, reminiscent of the characteristics of traditional alchemical ampoules, preserves refined raw materials. Thanks to a dedicated search for the rarest raw materials, collected during his travels between East and West, Sileno Cheloni has created his own "olfactory library": a comprehensive collection of over two thousand refined essences, which form the starting point for every new creation.
In his own words, the Italian master confides: I don't create fragrances with the aim of perfuming or beautifying, I create them to give you the most precious part of yourself: imbued with dreams, fears and hopes, a suggestion of life itself. I give you the wake to leave behind, an indelible, timeless imprint of yourself." Each Sileno Cheloni fragrance thus becomes a ceremony of self-discovery, a journey of inner exploration.