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Oddity is a contemporary niche perfume house created by three founders: Alice Mourou, Kirill Runkov and Nikita Shchukin. The inspiration for the brand comes from unexpected encounters, good conversations, the discovery of neglected knowledge, a trace of a scent that one desires, but cannot reach. The perfumes were created with the close cooperation of the two perfumers Mark Buxton and David Chieze. Each creation is a complex olfactory composition, deeply rooted in visual culture. Every image you see, every detail you touch, comes to life through the synergy of design and perfumery arts in a collaborative concept.
Oddity presents three small-batch fragrances made from rare and rich ingredients that stir the emotions: Naked Dance, Resonant and Dead Air. The bottle caps are handcrafted from imperfect wood scraps and encapsulated in epoxy resin, resulting in unique shapes and hues.