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In 1830, the first Orsay fragrance was born, the result of the romance between Alfred d'Orsay, the free-spirited director of the Paris Fine Arts Department, and the poetess and novelist Marguerite Blessington, married and 12 years his senior. An unisex fragrance with no label adorned with a blue ribbon, representing their love defying all conventions.
In 2015, Amélie Huynh joined the house and decided to continue its legacy and original love affair. Working with independent noses such as Olivia Giacobetti, Mark Buxton, Karine Chevallier, Bertrand Duchaufour, Fanny Bal, and Vincent Ricord, she traces the couple's moments of complicity, each fragrance named after an enigmatic phrase from a stolen moment. In addition to the collection of perfumes, there are refillable candles, nomadic olfactory fetishes, and totems made in artisanal jewelry workshops.