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Arpa Studios

Barnabé Fillion, a self-taught French perfumer who learned from talented noses such as Christine Nagel or Victoire Gobin-Daudé, decided to found Arpa Studios in 2020, which takes its name from "arpa", the name of the precious musical instrument: the harp. A collection where synesthesia is in the spotlight: each creation associates an aroma with a landscape, a translucent color evoking a geographical memory, an auditory memory, or a material. The fragrances have inspired the composers Cyrus Bayandor, Erwan Sene and Joseph Schiano di Lombo for their melodies, conceived like frequencies.
A journey between primitive nature and exploration of the galaxy, the bottle has been designed by glass artist Jochen Holz. These bottles with their singular colors and reflections are packaged in reusable soaps. Each fragrance has its own synesthetic journey: Arco Spettro, a dreamlike journey to Dallol with powerful resinous scents, the spicy scents in the heart of the Belgian blue forest of Recedere, Fosforo and its smoky plunge into the onsen thermal waters of Kyushu in Japan.