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Irene Forte

It was in 2018, in the heart of Sicily, that Irene Forte founded her cosmetics brand with the eponymous name Irene Forte Skincare. An Oxford graduate, she was strongly influenced by her family's entrepreneurial culture, focused on renowned hotels where luxury and well-being constitute the very heart of the experience. Inspired by the prestigious Verdura Resort, a property housing the organic farm that constitutes the essential source of its ingredients, she works in collaboration with Dr. Francesca Ferri, a cosmetology expert with 35 years of research under her belt. Together, they aim to extract the richness of Sicilian plants in order to create natural products, corresponding to new expectations in terms of skin health.

This approach reflects the deep philosophy of Irene Forte Skincare, which is inspired by the essence of the Mediterranean diet by harmoniously integrating “Natura e Scienza”, marrying scientific advances with the connection with nature. The brand's products embody holistic beauty by offering luxury treatments that highlight physical, emotional and spiritual health.