"Sapore di sale,
sapore di mare,
che hai sulla pelle,
che hai sulle labbra,
quando esci dall'acqua,
e ti vieni a sdraiare, vicino a me"

Do you know this Italian song?
A first clue: the music star Gino Paoli from the 60s.
A second one? Here is the English translation:

"Taste of salt, taste of sea,
that you have on your skin,
that you have on your lips
when you come out the water
and you come to lay
near to me, near to me…"

If the salt notes immediately evoke the dolce vita along the seaside, the sand and the scent of iodine, on the other side they also have a more solemn meaning. In the Bible, Jesus even announces that men are "the salt of the earth" (Matthew 5:13) and the smell of salt is attributed to God. In French, the usage of the expression "having salt" reminds that this raw material is also associated with the intellect. Finally, salt has been used for 10,000 years to preserve any type of food, hence the association of this element with eternity and God.

This raw material with sacred value is known in perfumery under the name of salicylate, which has sunny, hot notes. Some of these molecules have more floral, mineral or green scents. You may discover the rest of the facets associated with this marine note through the fragrances recommended below.