Mark Buxton, a legend in niche perfumery with more than 25 years of experience, offers a refined universe of astonishing modernity in all his creations.
His style: contrasting and rich, fuses a traditional touch of English chic, a hint of contemporary dandy, a rocky and offbeat energy that heckles the codes of luxury with impertinence and audacity.

"Where does your inspiration come from?"

"Inspiration comes from everywhere, traveling, the countryside, strolling around Paris, hanging out on my terrace watching people. Movies, music, books, there are so many sources of inspiration..."

"What can people expect from your perfumes?"

"Tailor-made, to the highest expectations.

"What makes good ingredients?"

"The use of high quality, rare, natural or chemical products (which are very expensive)."

"Do you believe that fragrances can inspire people?"

"Scents can do many things, inspire, make you feel good/free/special/unique. Give you energy, bring back memories, make you fall in love, the list goes on.""

"What excites you the most?"

"I am an easy going person, everything I do, with family, with friends, excites me. I think I've found the perfect balance between my hobby (some call it work) and the rest of the time I spend on it."