Nicolas Guerlier, founder of La Bouche Rouge, has challenged some of the world's greatest perfumers to create new formulas from recycled raw materials.

His true resolution is to seek the pleasure of the senses, while protecting our planet.
Starting with upcycling, perfumers are using technologies to collect and enhance waste raw materials from a variety of industries.

Thus, for the first time in the perfume industry, more than 30% of the ingredients used in the formulas of La Bouche Rouge fragrances are organically grown.

1- The Rose:
La Bouche Rouge uses fresh steam distillation to obtain rose water, which is then processed using a patented technology to obtain a 100% natural rose extract.

2- Cedar:
La Maison says goodbye to tree felling by recovering cedar waste that is mainly used for furniture manufacturing. These are then distilled to obtain an essential oil of exceptional quality.

3- Citrus :
The zests from the manufacturing of fruit juices are also recovered, thus promoting an extremely long-lasting freshness!

La Bouche Rouge thus introduces five revolutionary vegan fragrances that are 95% biodegradable, with 50% renewable carbon and 100% organic alcohol.

Last but not Least: for the first time in the world, the brand is introducing a 100% recycled and 100% recyclable aluminum refill.