Rediscover the Hedonist collection from Inito, an olfactory experience that lifts body and mind to a higher level. The three creations Musk Therapy, Rehab and Paragon represent the pure equation of perfumery based on sublime natural ingredients.

Founded in 2015, Initio means "the beginning": each fragrance in the collection is an initiation into the power of scents to influence our moods and behavior.

Olfactory emotions of a new dimension marked by a unique naturoprint molecule, reproducing the action of ambergris and musk, those animal pheromones that are a source of self-confidence when used in perfumery. Our favorite?

Paragon, an ultra-powerful, contemporary woody-floral fragrance for a real ritual of purification and harmonization. It's an intense inner experience overdosed with white sage, rose, palo santo, oud, sandalwood and vanilla.

Discover Musk Therapy for an ultra-sensual caress of musk. A woody, hesperidic scent that transports us on a cloud whose envelope takes hold of our body and mind. The freshness of bergamot, followed by a breeze of magnolia, grazes the senses, giving this trail a dazzling freshness. The introspection ends with the addictive power of the queen of flowers, rose, combined with sandalwood at its most powerful.

Rehab, a woody, oriental olfactory detox, whose first refreshing notes of bergamot awaken the still-sleeping senses, before we are surprised by the spiciness of black pepper and spices. The aromatic scent of lavender softens the unadorned experience, ending with a delicate envelope of sandalwood and musk.