Smith's Rosebud Salve Original
Smith's Rosebud Salve Original

This world-famous Salve has been re-discovered by Hollywood stars and make up artists and exists for over one hundred years. This soft balm with ingredients as cotton oil and several essential oils, including oil of Roses. Because of the healing qualities Rosebud Salve is the ideal product for minor skin irritations such as small burns or light sunburn. Even frizzy hair becomes soft and smooth. The handy tin is perfect for softening chapped and dry skin, redness and diaper rash. Rosebud Salve is also a wonderful lip moisturizer and at the same time a natural looking lip gloss. In winter and autumn extremely pleasant for softening and healing a irritated (red) nose. This cult-favorite, multi-purpose lip balm soothes dry lips, calms and heals irritation, and soothes the sting of minor burns. Try dabbing on dry elbows or knees to condition, and relieve dryness. Also an excellent remedy for the treatment of diaper rash.

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Smith's Rosebud Salve Original

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Use lip balm to protect your lips and skin at all times

Cotton Seed Oil and Aromol, with essential oils blended in a special petrolatum base.

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