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Cradled in the waves of the Arcachon Basin, Philippe Réveleau is the sixth generation of an oyster-farming family living in wooden huts on the water's edge. This heir to the sea tamed the oyster and discovered its benefits for body and skin. Convinced he had a treasure within his grasp, he was joined in 2021 by his two childhood friends, cosmetics scientist François Canac and entrepreneur Jean Julien Baronnet, to launch the project they had always dreamed of: Edulis, a line of skincare products with 99% natural active ingredients, formulated from an oyster extract with regenerating virtues.
From technical and scientific observation of the shellfish, Edulis has extracted nourishing, stimulating and tightening natural active ingredients to slow skin aging and repair the damage of time. This patented oyster extract encapsulated in clay protects skin cells against the aggressions of sun, cold and wind, as well as the damaging effects of everyday stress.