Paris is the major symbol of the brand. David grew up in the heart of the capital, in the Palais-Royal district. He created the Parisian collection: dedicated to his main source of inspiration "As an open-air museum city, lovers come to love it from all over the world, as the beautiful city offers them magnificent green spaces to stroll in, like my favorite, the Palais-Royal garden, before ending their day with a walk along the quays of the Seine." David Benedek

Each fragrance in this collection is an olfactory journey that takes us directly to the heart of Paris' beautiful neighborhoods. It's a collection that is inspired not only by the personalities you meet in the capital, but also by the energy that is so characteristic of the city.

Don't miss the two must-haves of the collection:

Gris Charnel: a world full of seduction and mystery. As night falls on the Quai Saint Bernard, the dancers become more and more numerous, and the stands fill up. Under the starry night, two eyes meet, and find themselves in the center of the dance floor. From the first notes, cardamom and fig capture the sparkling freshness of the night. Iris and vetiver in the heart evoke sensuality and passion, and mingle with sandalwood and tonka notes to reinforce the carnal character of the fragrance.

Rouge Smoking: At nightfall, Madame gets ready and puts on her makeup. Parisian chic, she dresses in a tuxedo and makes her mark on the streets of Paris. Beautiful and mysterious, her floral, woody and fruity trail attracts attention. At the top, cherry notes join pink berry notes and blend perfectly with vanilla notes in the heart. Finally, musk, tonka, and ambrox notes in the base stand out with confidence and femininity.