Founder Lyn Harris spent all those summers in Scotland on her grandparents' farm, which was her main inspiration for Perfumer H.

Her passion was born from her olfactory memory, and the good times spent at her grandparents' house. Lyn created a line of fragrances, candles, soaps and incense that honored her grandmother's influence and transported her directly to that time. Lyn Harris' desire to reintroduce natural products into perfumery was the beginning of her olfactory journey and today she uses her materials in her creations that lead to olfactory landscapes that represent individuality and touch you on the inside. 

Perfumer H works with like-minded artisans to create quality products: 

All perfume bottles, candles and handblown hand gel are handmade, colored and uniquely engraved by master glass artist Michael Ruh.

All incense is made by one of the few traditional incense makers in Kyoto who also provides incense for local Buddhist temples and monasteries. Each incense stick is hand-rolled and made without the use of dyes, chemicals or additives.

INK soap is handmade in Lancashire.

All of these elements have led to the creation of this visionary, original and artisanal brand.