EGF Essence is an anti-aging mist enriched with EGF, to apply without moderation throughout the day.

It contains only 11 active ingredients including EGF, an anti-aging protein that sends powerful regeneration signals to the cells. The Essence is perfect for a light action throughout the day, or to moisturize the skin before applying a serum or a cream containing EGF, to create an hydrated environment that will amplify the effects of the protein. EGF's visible effects with a super practical light texture.

EGF Essence

97.00€ Incl. Tax
water (aqua), glycerin, isopentyldiol, propylene glycol, sodium citrate, sorbitol, phenoxyethanol, sodium chloride, citric acid, barley seed extract, egf (barley sh-oligopeptide-1)
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A versatile and evanescent lotion that combines hydration with icelandic pure water and a mild anti-aging action with EGF. Ideal for refreshing your complexion all day long, at the office, on the plane or before an appointment. Your skin will literally drink it !

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Bioeffect is an Icelandic biotechnological skincare brand. It is the first care brand in the world to successfully replicate EGF (a natural epidermal growth factor discovered by a Nobel Award in 1986) from barley plants of greenhouse located near Reykjavik. This patented technology transforms barley grains into cellular activators and stimulates the process of skin renewal.