Interview with perfumer Antoine LIE, star perfumer and author - among other things – of perfume brands Etat Libre d’Orange (Divin Enfant, Rien, Tom of Finland, Vierges et Toreros) and oneofthose (Hydrogen and Oxygen).

What is your motto?

Antoine : “Making sure not regret anything.”

What are your oldest olfactory recollections?

Antoine: “A teddy bear’s scent on my cot.”

What are your favourite materials?

Antoine : “Vetiver, leather, iris and sandalwood for classics, vinyl, metal, ether for the most surprising.”

Former renegade for Givaudan fragrances producer, you now work for Takasago. What attracted you and why?

Antoine : “The challenge to project into a rapidly changing firm, with a long-term vision and a reinforced creative freedom of expression.”

You participated in the fragrances Etat Libre d'Orange beginnings. What was the first inspiration?

Antoine : “A conversation with Etienne de Swardt in a Parisian hotel bar about desire, beauty and inner purity: Birth of the "Magnificent secretions". It was also a unique opportunity for me choosing the last modification that would go in the bottle for all perfumes that I designed for ELO.”

Why are your creations for the brand Nu Be (Hydrogen and Oxygen) are different from your other creations?

Antoine : “There are my personal interpretations of what could smell the effect of these molecules as raw material, Hydrogen represents a freshness and a unique energy and Oxygen a scent of wood immersed in liquid oxygen, a hot and cold scent ...”

 Any new projects?

Antoine : “Full of exciting things in general.

And also two new branded perfumes presented at NOSE will emerge in the year among which two Nu Be other elements, a men perfume for Costume National referring to technological ingredients...”

And personal projects?

Antoine : “Work on new olfactory territories with branded olfactory footprint made-to-measure. Thus, the world of perfume can turn to new partners, who come from other sectors. It's very exciting! »