As the first "business card", the hands are, along with the face, the part of the body most exposed to external aggression. Locked-down again, they are subjected to (over)washing and hydro-alcoholic gel, which protect but also weaken the epidermis. The result? The skin is dry and age prematurely…

After the Hand Wash (or the Hand Spray or even the Hydra-Gel for those who move), opt for the very rich The Hand Treatment by Augustinus Bader, quickly absorbed with the anti-ageing effects of TFC-8. If you prefer delicately scented cosmetics, we recommend the Hand Cream (vanilla and orange) or the Soothing Hand Cream (cactus flower) by Grown Alchemist.

For sensitive skin, Susanne Kaufmann has developed a solution for you. After removing dead skin cells with the very soft Hand Peel, restore comfort with the Hand Serum, which repairs fragile hands and prevents the appearance of brown spots. To cure cracked hands, apply the Evening Primrose Ointment Soothing, a super moisturiser!

Discover our selection for healthy hands below.