‘The Mind Vaccine' is a collaboration between 2 Dutch design pioneers; the world’s first ethical couture house RVDK Ronald van der Kemp and modernistic design label and perfume house SALLE PRIVÉE | House of Design. For this exclusive collaboration RVDK and Salle Privée, together with rockstar nose Isaac Sinclair, created a scent that’s unapologetically bold, refined and sustainable; a true bird of paradise! This olfactive head turner pairs exclusive upcycled ingredients like clove symtrap, sandalwood dreches and linalool exquisitely with tuberose and Sichuan pepper oil. The bottle features the classic Salle Privée shape with a composite cap made from recycled materials. The remarkable packaging made from recycled paper, with an inlay of an innovative recycled wool, is designed to be re-used as a perfumed pouch for your closet to keep your wardrobe smelling wonderful. RVDK’s rebellious and artful signature is expressed by the playful graphics and vibrant red colour. The name of the perfume, the Mind Vaccine, is about opening your mind to positivity. A wake-up call to the world and a reminder that we all have a responsibility to use our power to make a positive impact. Both RVDK and Salle Privée's founders are excited to share a positive nudge towards future-friendly thinking with this special perfume