Immerse yourself in the story of Dark Vinyl Musk with us. Dark Vinyl Musk is an extraordinary perfume which arose from a child's fascination with a tiny room, at the heart of which was an old wooden gramophone. It was surrounded by a magical atmosphere filled with the spirit of music and the smoke of burning incense.

“That first meeting with the turntable inspired the creation of this unusual perfume” - recalls the Creative Director, Michał Gilbert Lach. “The fragrance contains mesmerizing incense and enveloping balsamic notes that protect us and take us to special and exciting moments. Intense leather notes show the dark side of the world, and the magnetizing scent of the rose shows its bright side”. this is what is hidden in this composition.

Dark Vinyl Musk is the quintessence of life - the jazzy scent of black vinyl and the scent of enveloping musk combine to create a metaphor for beautiful and difficult moments, ups and downs that build us.

So, trust your senses and exceed the limits of your imagination with the Bohoboco brand.