Interview with Sidonie Lancesseur, perfumer at Robertet and at the origin of several major perfumes like "Straight to Heaven," "Incense Oud" and "Cruel Intentions" from the Kilian perfume brand.

What is your motto?

Sidonie : "Authenticity and curiosity"

What is your oldest olfactory recollection?

Sidonie : "The smell of fire"

What made you want to become a “nose”?

Sidonie : "For as long as I can remember, I have always associated an odour with a place, a person or a happy moment. Being able to materialize my emotions and memories through a scent was an obsession for me."

Which perfumer has inspired you the most?

Sidonie : "I am lucky to work closely with Michel Almairac. A master perfumer who shares his knowledge and immense talent. I share his taste in short formulation!"

What are your favourite raw materials?

Sidonie : "They develop with time and experience : From my childhood I revert to woody scents such as patchouli and vetiver. However, Robertet has given me the opportunity of using the best quality raw materials. I’m attracted to rose now!"

What inspired the fragrance ‘Straight to Heaven’ from the house of Kilian.  What was the creative processus?

Sidonie : "This creation was, above all, about our encounter. I had been working on a rhum-patchouli scent for a few months. An olfactive balance of fragility and strength dear to my heart. When I first met Kilian he asked me to produce a unique fragrance with a strong undertone. I had him smell this scent.  The origin of ‘Straight to Heaven’ was there, and our collaboration did the rest."

What are your next olfactory projects?

Sidonie : "Kilian and I are working together on his collections, specific projects for other countries and bespoke perfumes for his most distinguished customers."