As a meticulous poet and a rational esthete, Dominique Ropion is an oxymoron on his own. "When I was a child, I smelt everything, even a handshake!” recalls laughing Dominique Ropion "I grasped the world by smells, more than by fragrances." Quite funny for this Parisian who grew up with both parents working at Roure in Argenteuil, one of the largest perfume companies of the 20th century. "I discovered this job very early, but the idea came to me much later" he summarizes with a touch of astonishment.

I like the idea of ​​working on fragrances’ shape like a sculptor or an architect ... The fact that the natural raw materials’ aesthetics win my heart after I study their composition greatly satisfies my mind" admits Dominique Ropion. "In order to be a perfumer, you have to be a craftsman and confront yourself with the ingredients, whether it is the blackcurrant or jasmin flower or an aldehyde. The inspiration? I often start from a central theme, composed around a raw material that I want to evoke."