Two notes are present in all the fragrances: 'PISSE DE CHEVAL' and 'BEURRE DEBOYA'. Boya butter comes from the precious agarwood and forms in the heart of the aquilaria tree trunk when it is infected by a certain type of mold. Before infection, the tree trunk is odorless, light and pale while after infection, it becomes dark and begins to produce a very aromatic resin called 'agar-agar', or more commonly, 'oud'. Premium agarwood is one of the most expensive natural raw materials in the world. The smell of agarwood is complex and enchanting, and is unlike any other. What is known as 'horse piss' is in fact 'p-Cresol', an organic compound produced by bacterial fermentation of protein in human bodies, discharged in feces and urine. It is also a constituent of tobacco smoke and a component of human sweat that attracts female mosquitoes. In the Orto Parisi collection, the role of 'p-Cresol' is to provide both repulsive and attractive notes. It is a major component in the smell of pigs and in the secretion produced by male elephants during musth. This component is still among those that play a role in the attraction of the orchid bee, so it has been widely used to capture and study the species. An off-putting attractant, which awakens the odors hidden deep within the soul. Carefully camouflaged in balanced associations with other raw materials, 'horse piss' (or 'p-Cresol') and 'boya butter' are the two basic elements used to express the contradictory principle of attraction and repulsion. They invite any sniffer to an infinite journey into the smells of real life.


Stercus, from the Latin 'feces', is an olfactory reference to excrement. For Alessandro, excrement is an essential part of the circle of life - organic fertilizer for the soil, natural and authentic. Excrement is the link between the end and the beginning of the endless circle of life. It is the result of a bodily function, it is the fertilizer that will feed the new life of a plant. Excrement is only nature and truth. The real smell of life and equality. All differences are erased in the course of universal excretion. All organisms and all human beings, even the most noble, even those from royal families, produce waste. During this process we are all the same and we are what we eat. Defecation is an essential function of the body and the first indicator of health, - Doctors analyze the stool to check the proper functioning of the intestines and digestion in general. And in general, we should always trust our instincts. From an olfactory point of view, Stercus has a phenolic sweetness that attracts, as well as an animal note that could be unpleasant. THE CANDLE is made of bronze metal inlaid with brown horn. A unique variety of horn from Ethiopian cows.