The company was founded by Bram, who was inspired by the use of ancient oils and juices in Egypt and a mindblowing myth about how Cleopatra conquered Ceasar by simply smelling good.

His adventurous character then combined his talented gut feeling with powerful ingredients and ancient techniques to translate his vision into perfume. Impressing industry experts who then helped him to polish the raw diamond he created and deliver a new and exciting line of fragrances and perfumes.

Knowing the meaning of the word Fugazi and the fairy dust that comes with it, Bram took it a few steps further by mirroring a custom Russian letter and changing the spelling, without changing the meaning. Nothing was still everything and the brand of Fugazzi was born.

Fugazzi stands for invisible luxury and empowers you to attract moments that will turn into your favorite memories. Now go spray some on and walk into a room full of people.

Looking for the best possible thing to wear?

Stop staring at your wardrobe. Perfume offers invisible luxury that can last a lifetime. And ours works instantly.

Some of the greatest moments in history were changed by the right person wearing the right fragrance and some of the greatest moments in the future will be too.

Fugazzi completes you as you complete it and together, you don’t just seek memories. You make them.

Simply put it on, walk into a room and change the game.