The founders' love for the seventies is clearly seen in the names and inspiration not just for the brand mood, but also several of the scents. Like Kham-sin referring to a Maserati model first manufactured in 1974. But also Monochromatic art, with so many extraordinary pieces made in the 70's, painters explored the use of one color and the expressiveness of textures and nuances, revealing a wide range of emotions, intentions and meaning. The milky color gives it a refined structure with a surprising feeling of metal. Monochrome is an extremely timeless Eau de Parfum.

And of course Concorde, an ode to the world’s first and, until today, only supersonic passenger jet. 50 years after Concorde’s first test flight in 1969 SALLE PRIVÉE proudly launched its 6th Eau de Parfum in 2019. Traveling across the Atlantic above sound speed between New York, London and Paris, whilst enjoying the generous allotments of Champagne and caviar and sitting next to movie stars, royals and heads of state, Concorde would become the ultimate symbol of the jet set lifestyle.

It is this technological excellence far ahead of its time that is so fascinating to the founders. Concorde is their homage to the vanished elegance of traveling. The founders wanted a powerful intense Eau de Parfum, that would turn heads and leave a signature trail.

They wanted a boozy opening which would lead to the luxurious elegant heart. They really wanted it it to be extravert giving the luscious feeling of materials as velvet and gold. Expressive of having a moment with Diana and Mick Jagger to top off that true 70's feeling! Of course bringing it to the here and now in the sleek design of the modern bottle.