Summer is the right time to move to a slower pace, and also to lighten your skincare routine. 

Here is our 3 steps’ ritual to have a beautiful skin and lighten your vanity case.

1. Cleansing: in the morning, it is not always necessary to clean the skin, but if the night has been hot, a gentle cleanser will be ideal to refresh your face (and your mind). However, a deep cleaning is also necessary to remove sunscreens: the Crème Emulsionnante by Joelle Ciocco and its heady frangipani scent eliminates all impurities and leaves the skin soft and clean. Another alternative: the Soap by Ayuna with its delicate and flowery smell that gets rid of impurities. Recommended for oily skin types and for a summer detox.

 2. Moisturizing: when temperatures rise, a non-greasy moisturizer will be the best ally in the morning and in the evening: Ayuna's Cream serves as a serum, an eye contour, a day and a night cream. With a 100% natural formula and a completely matte and dry finish.

 3. Protecting: sunscreen is the ultimate step to prevent sun’s damage to your skin: Susanne Kaufmann's protective creams and their light scent of watermelon and apricot are the perfect shield against UVA and UVB. They do not leave a greasy finish and penetrate very quickly.

 A skincare ritual to enjoy throughout the whole summer, whatever your skin type may be.