Woollen garments should always be treated in the same way regardless the type of wool they are composed of. So we can sum up our guide in the main five  points which apply just as much to regular sheep’s wool as the finest vicuña:
- Wash wool by hand in mild water, treat the fabric gently
- Use the correct amount of TGC041 delicate detergent
- Rinse your wool in tepid water
- Lay flat on a towel to dry
- Do not hang up woollen clothes

How often should we wash wool?
- Washing your garments wears them out, so you shouldn’t wash them too often. A rule of thumb for woollen sweaters is that you can wear them up to 5 times between each wash.
- Keep your garments fresh by airing them after you have worn them. Be sure to avoid direct sunlight and do not hang them up for too long: woollen garments, even when dry, stretch and lose their shape when hung up.