Ganymede is inspired by the eponymous planet revolving around Jupiter, discovered in 1610. In Greek mythology, Ganymede is a human whose irreproachable beauty will earn him the elevation to the rank of cup-bearer of the Gods, and will become the lover of Zeus who will grant him immortality. Tangerine and saffron reveal vivacity and brilliance, while the violet and the osmanthus of China bring softness to this olfactory frame. The immortal absolute and the akigala wood complement the beauty of Ganymede.

Marc Antoine Barrois


unisex fragrance

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Families :
woody floral
Head notes :
mandarin, saffron
Heart notes :
osmanthus, violet
Base notes :
everlasting, woody notes
Marc Antoine Barrois

Marc Antoine Barrois

Founded in Paris in 2009 by the French fashion designer Marc-Antoine Barrois, the homonymous house proposes tailor-made couture pieces for men. In 2016, the fashion house launches its first perfume B683, born from the creative osmosis between the couturier and the perfumer Quentin Bich.

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