IUNX was created in 2003 by Olivia Giacobetti, Fabienne Conte Sévigné and Francis Giacobetti. In ancient Greek, the word IUNX evokes the myth of hunt in its most magical form: capture by smell. The creators work in total freedom and move away from the traditional codes of perfumery. IUNX is a blend of poetry and modernity, where everything is designed for the pleasure of smelling: fragrances are "light waters", both expressive and personal, presented in oversize bottles that sublimate the gesture of perfuming oneself.
The olfactory testers, both bright and photosensitive, allow to discover the fragrances with delicacy. As one approches the flower to smell a fragrance, the corolla of paper lights up and releases the perfume. Keeping the eyes closed, one may meet his or her deepest olfactory memories ... IUNX fragrances are inspired by a moment, an image or a sensation, each one with its own rhythm: a white shirt under the sun, a steam of blond wood or some fluid and soft talc powder.

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