In October, we propose three exclusive offers. After Kilian, the Icelandic brand Bioeffect is in the spotlight. For any online brand purchase above 100 euros, the brand offers its whole routine: The OSA Water Mist (30ml), the Volcanic Exfoliator (10ml), the Serum (5ml) and the Day Serum (5ml).

Rewarded with a Nobel prize, the discovery of EGF and its effects on cellular regeneration is at the core of the brand. In 2010, 3 Icelandic geneticists have the intuition to reproduce the protein from barley plants and decline it in a skincare line. Bioeffect saw the light of day and 30% of Icelandic women integrate it into their routine.

Today, 2 new products boost the Bioeffect anti-aging routine: the EGF Essence, a light mist which is ideal for the day time, and the Imprinting Hydrogel Mask, a mask rich in hyaluronic acid allowing the EGF serum to penetrate deeply.

Discover below our Bioeffect selection and receive the 4 products routine as a gift.