When we started looking for the deodorants that could fit in our cosmetic Bazaar, we were quite ambitious: 100% natural formulas and efficacy recognized by the entire Nose community.

While discovering Agent Nateur and Corpus Naturals, not only were we surprised by their clean composition and performance, but also by their minimalist design and by their natural, yet sophisticated scents. 

Designed for those who want to evolve towards a cleaner routine without sacrificing efficiency or sensoriality, Corpus Naturals deodorants belong to those beauty heroes that may be admired on the shelves: their edgy and refined packaging is just as fascinating as their delicate fragrance. You may choose between Santalum (sandalwood, cedarwood, amber), N ° Green (bergamot, citrus, cardamom),The Botanist (petitgrain, vetiver, geranium), Cedar Flora (cedar, white musk, jasmine) and Third Rose (rose, mandarin, violet).

Agent Nateur was founded by Jena Covello, who was suffering from chronic diseases and wanted to ban endocrine disruptors from her routine. Willing to find an aluminum-free, yet effective deodorant, she simply created her own. Thus, the (holi) stick combines an irreproachable formula with a delicate rose scent, because each one of her cosmetics must be as chic as performing. The founder likes to share that her products are so pure that one could eat them!

Choose below your natural deodorant for the summer.