Since the 1800s, a German tradition of lighting a small candle each day and a large one each Sunday before Christmas has gradually evolved into a custom in many Western countries, known as candlelighting. of Advent.

Start the season with the soothing atmosphere of the Susanne Kaufmann candle, inspired by the spirit of her Spa in Bezau. Harmoniously combining citrus and wood to transport you to the Alpine peaks and a feeling of deep relaxation.

Continue your sensory journey with the Gabriel Candle, a true icon of Trudon. It evokes the sweet moments of late winter afternoons spent near the fireplace, where the flames crackle and the smell of burning wood blends harmoniously with the comforting scents of a family kitchen.

As winter approaches, light your Maison Francis Kurkdjian Mon Beau Sapin candle, which envelops you in the warmth of fir balsam, evoking the traditional scent of fir.

For a magical effect, the timeless and iconic Diptyque carousel will illuminate your interior, playing between light and shadow, which will instantly transport you into the magical atmosphere of Christmas.

Embrace the spirit of winter and get into the holiday spirit with our selection below: