"Shaken, not stirred," used to say the famous British secret agent, known by his code number. His passion for martini vodka, as well as the little tip he shared with the bartender he met during each mission, made this cocktail a legend.

There are many cocktails that have made history. Some have been created in the halls of prestigious hotels by famous bartenders, others are only the result of chance and of the encounter between good ingredients and famous personalities. Finally, some legendary cocktails have also inspired many perfume houses in the creation of their fragrances.

Moscow Mule is the latest perfume offered by the French brand Juliette has a Gun. Notes of bergamot, ginger and musk immediately remind of the famous cocktail. This is how Romano Ricci describes his creation: "I had in mind the idea of a fragrance that evoked the vibrations and euphoria of the famous Moscow Mule cocktail. A fresh and exhilarating composition that associates ginger with copper. These two elements inspired me for both the container and the formula: ginger for the model featured in the campaign and her mysterious red hair color, copper because the cocktail is usually served in copper mugs."

As for Vodka on the Rocks, this perfume was created by the English house By Kilian in honor of this famous cocktail, more "bad boy bad girl". The notes of lemon mingle here with those of rhubarb, but also with rose, lily of the valley, sandalwood and the freshness of spices such as cardamom and coriander.

Juniper Sling, on the other hand, was designed by the English house Penhaligon's, official perfumer of the royal family. This sweet scent of juniper berries, lemon, and angelica is inspired by the famous cocktail Singapore Sling, invented by the bartender of Singapore’s Raffles Hotel: when a tiger entered the hall of the palace and the officers managed to capture it under the billiard table, they asked him to create a cocktail to celebrate this moment and that's how the cocktail came into being.

Finally, the Milanese Calé Fragranze proposes Tepidarium, an olfactory game around rum, lemon and grapefruit as top notes, and pineapple, magnolia and acacia as heart notes, rounded by white musk, vetiver and green tea.