The word rhubarb comes from the Latin expression reuburbarum, which literally means "barbarous root", since this plant was introduced into the Roman world by foreign peoples, coming from Asia.

The green, fruity note of rhubarb is difficult to define, being characterized by an ambivalence between a sweet side and a sour one. The same ambivalence can be found at a visual level in the shades of its leaves, which range from a very bright red to light green.

If your age allows you to go beyond rhubarb pies and jams and you’d like to experiment this ingredient in a liquid version, here's our recipe for a cocktail inspired by this plant, the Vol de Rhubarbe:

  • 20 ml of vodka infused with ibiscus flowers
  • 20 ml of elderberry syrup
  • 70 ml of champagne
  • 30 ml of rhubarb juice
  • fresh strawberries