For May’s exlusive offer, it is the Odin brand to be in the spotlight. Nose offers a 48g candle for any purchase of an Odin Eau de Parfum.

When ordering your Odin perfume, please mark the name of your candle in the order’s notes. You may choose one from the following: "01" (cedar and bergamot), "02" (violet and citrus), "03" (cypress and amber), "04" (pink berries and pepper), "07" (ginger and incense), "08" (yuzu, bitter orange and spices), "09" (pear, peach and orange blossom) and "11" (tobacco and spices). In case the candle you choose is unavailable, you will receive another candle among those which are available.

Odin is the Viking god of fury, poetry and victory, but above all of magic. His black raven look inspired Eddi Chai and Paul Biardi when they opened their first Odin concept store in Manhattan’s Lower East Side in 2004. The same brown-black shades can be found in Odin’s numbered collection of Eaux de Parfum, also characterised by clean and simple geometric shapes.

Each fragrance of the collection is unisex and makes us travel across the Earth, its myths and legends to an unusual destination, be it the deserts of the Middle East, the Amazonian jungle or the planes of the United States.