The spirit of an adventurer/adventuress is within you. Embark on a safari with the latest fragrance of Memo: African Leather! 

Endless landscapes: savannas, grassy plains, from the sand of the dunes and the desert to the dense vegetation of the bush, forests following the creeks, rivers to the sea.. 
All of that is making you dizzy. Learn how to dominate the savanna with this perfume, with all its variations in colors, odours, textures, between dawn and dusk, mist and dust, from the dry to the rainy season. 

The perfume African Leather exalts this infinite nature, playing between intoxication, deepness while being able to offer lightness, fearlessness and brilliance. A discrete power, comparable to the running of a gazelle, antilope or panther, to the choreographed mouvement of a buffalo or heard of zebras that disappear in mist of earth. 

The identity of African Leather was found in the richness of spices. A trail of leather and oud, that created an animalic yet subtle scent like the skin of a giraffe or leopard, or the manes of a lion. It's more a perfume of allure rather than a massive presence, a slender rather than a large body. The liveliness of geranium and the personality of vetiver evoke a feeling of calmness. 

African Leather is a leather that is gracious, majestic in its own way. Memo knows that the beauty of a space, a creature is a treasure that needs to be handled with care. A visual leather that can be admired, contemplated and that can be only captured by its scent. 

An olfactive safari that takes your breath away!