Founded in 1643, the House of Trudon quickly became the "Royal Wax Factory". In the wake of the court, it was the light of Trudon waxes that danced on the walls of Versailles, illuminated the French court, and was consumed from Louis XIV to Napoleon, in all the great churches of the country.

Renowned for its candles with "bottle" glasses and golden label reminiscent of beeswax, Trudon, which celebrates its 380th anniversary this spring, once again takes us back in time and pays tribute to Queen Marie-Antoinette. Immerse yourself in the heart of the famous Parisian garden of the Tuileries, with chypre, floral and fruity scents that pay tribute to the last queen of France.

The candles and diffusers in the collection celebrate the rose, the queen's favorite flower, delicately nestled in a case inspired by the boxes in the national archives where the "Gazette des Atours de la Reine" is kept, which compiles samples of fabrics purchased to make the queen's dresses...

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