Mother's Day is coming, just as the summer holidays. A trip is always a good gift idea, especially if it is an olfactory journey...

Carthusia is a perfumery house from Capri, an island that rises in front of the Bay of Naples and the Amalfi Coast, surrounded by turquoise blue waters. This island gave birth to a dress style made of coral necklaces, large striped shirts and straw hats, but also to a perfumery created by the Jesuits in 1681, whose heritage continues to be perpetuated by Carthusia.

Nose invites you to discover the many gift ideas offered by Carthusia.

The boxes are made up of a perfume miniature, a body soap and a small candle; you may choose between the Mediterraneo scent (lime, orange, jasmine, musk) or Fiori di Capri (wild carnation, tuberose, patchouli, white musk).

Instrad, the Corallium travel kit is composed of a shower gel, a body lotion, a shampoo and a conditioner, with scents of bergamot and bay leaves and a patchouli ground. It is ideal for summer trips, each bottle being compatible with the hand luggage limits.