Hair, and even more so, coloured hair, is regularly exposed to stress, frequent exposure to chemicals and external pollutants, including smoke and sun damage. Without particular maintenance, dyed hair can be easily dama- ged, prone to breakage and vulnerable to colour fading. The colour range of David Mallett consists of three professional quality products carefully developed to conserve hair colour and shine while protecting hair from air pollution, sun damage, and exposure to chemicals. Not only do these products make the most of your colour and extend the life of it, but they also leave your hair looking healthy, shiny and touchably soft.

Photos taken at the Bachaumont Hotel, 18 rue Bachaumont 75002 Paris

David Mallett’s method:

A full colour care process in 2 or 3 steps to achieve luminous, healthy-looking hair with a radiant shine and vibrant, longer-lasting colour.

the Shampoo

David Mallett’s SHAMPOO No.3 LA COULEUR is a performant salon-formula product specially designed to clean- se and condition colour-treated hair, and to fix the chemical processes for long-lasting colour.

Unlike many colour shampoos, it does not weigh down the hair, but delivers firmness and structure to the hair fibre, while nourishing hair after it has been treated with hair dye, leaving it shiny and beautifully soft.

The active ingredients include raspberry vinegar, organic tomato extract and hydrosoluble procyanidin found in grape seed extract.

Apply shampoo to wet hair. Massage hair, rinse and repeat if necessary. In case of eye contact, rinse thoroughly with water.

the Mask

With MASK No. 3 LA COULEUR, David Mallett has developed a dedicated hair product for colour-treated hair. It is an ideal solution to prolong hair colour and prevent fading, as it nourishes hair at a deep molecular level and seals the hair cuticles to restore the pH balance of hair.

Hair cuticles are hard, downward-pointing scales that form the outer layer of hair strands. Chemicals in hair dye, hot water, excess moisture, pollution and harsh weather conditions are some of the things why hair becomes unbalanced, contributing to rougher cuticles.

Vinegar is one way to balance the pH of hair. Raspberry vinegar in our formula acts efficiently to balance the pH-levels of hair by sealing the cuticles, to resist colour fading.

For the mask, you can apply it to washed, towel-dry hair, distributing evenly from roots to the ends. Leave in for 5 to 10 minutes; rinse thoroughly and proceed to hairstyling.

the Spray

David Mallett's Blush makes a useful tool to protect coloured hair from air pollution and chemicals and helps in prolonging colour and shine while reducing the green hue caused by chlorine. (available in the spring 2018)