Each month, Nose welcomes a designer or a perfumer who will host an evening of perfume initiation —“speakeasy” style — with jazz lounge music in the background.

what is the context? 

Since its creation, Nose organized lots of olfactive workshops, open exclusively to companies ; but a lot of clients had expressed their interest for this of occurrence. So Nose imagined this new formula especially for our clients.

how often and what hours ?

From 7:30 pm to 22:00 pm once a month, a cocktail and a jazz band. An initiation to perfumery and its raw materials, a perfume diagnosis and personalized fragrance recommendations for each guest.

what is a jazz night ?

The evening will start with a short initiation to the fragrance world delivered by a perfumer or a fragrance designer whose brand is represented by Nose. He or she will present the perfumer profession, the ingredients and accords at their disposal and then wiil start a Q&A session.

Guests will then be invited to start or update their own perfume diagnosis and discover their bespoke fragrance recommendations.

who’s invited ?

These events are private. Only Nose clients are allowed to take part of the jazz nights. Clients are able to invite a friend or two maximum. If not client yet, you can still particpate to the event by purchasing a gift card amounted to 150€.

how to participate ?


or via Facebook.

Non-customers coming alone wont be able to enter.

when is the upcoming jazz night ? 

The first jazz night will be given on Wednesday 13th of December. We will have the pleasure to welcome Naomi Goodsir and famous perfumers Isabelle Doyen and Bertrand Duchaufour.

special musical thanks

to Octave & Anatole, our beloved jazz band.