"Royal manufacture of wax" since 1643, Cire Trudon lit the walls and windows of Versailles, the rooms of Napoleon, as well as the largest churches of France. A solid heritage that yet does not stop to renew itself.

Coming from fine perfumery, the quartet "Les Belles Matières" sketches an authentic vegetal universe, a balance of fruit, wood and fire. A real geographical odyssey, the collection invokes the origins of perfume, the beautiful botanical discoveries and the birth of olfactory passions. The Belles Matières collection calls for a “tangible elsewhere”. The night blue tinted glass offers a case to these inhabited essences.

After Maduraï, an ode to the power of the Indian jasmine, Reggio, which introduces to the mandarin trees of Calabria, and Tadine, evoking the elegance of sandalwood, the mimosa-scented Estérel candle just made its entry into the collection.

Imported from Australia by British botanists in the early nineteenth century, the mimosa has since become the flagship of the Côte d'Azur. Solar and flourishing, it flourished first in the sumptuous gardens of Nice where wealthy British families used to winter before reaching the slopes of the Esterel mountains. Its scent is as delicate as its branches, endowed with opulent clusters.