Originally from Argentina and currently living in New York where she studies law, Mili Pineiro, who loves to travel and play the piano, made our diagnosis and now shares the three fragrances that define her olfactory signature, which she wears according to her moods and the different moments of the day.

A lover of floral and fruity scents, this winter she is wearing No.6 by Rosendo Mateu, whose "woody yet fresh scent, with a gourmand touch of vanilla" stays on her skin for a long time. For a lighter floral scent, she opts for Cricket Song by Floraïku, whose magnolia is "both sweet and fruity thanks to the bergamot, for a discreet result". Finally, when she wants to go back to her childhood memories, she chooses Pear Inc by Juliette Has a Gun: "it takes me back in time because it reminds me of my grandmother's perfume, it is very fresh and perfect for the day".

Discover Mili Pineiro's fragrances below as well as our selection of fruity florals.