Nose, in collaboration with Mai Hua, signs its second editorial video in order to make you discover its brands in their own essence.

This time, it is the Italian brand Carthusia to be in the spotlight.

Carthusia’s name comes from the "charterhouse" located in front of its olfactory laboratory, which uses the raw materials of the island to create fragrances with typical Mediterranean scents. In 1380, the prior of the Charterhouse suddenly learned that the Queen of Anjou was going to visit the island of Capri; the monks prepared for her a bouquet with the most beautiful flowers of the island, which were kept in water for three days. This is how the first fragrance of Capri was born. In 1948, the then prior found his formula and asked a chemist to reproduce it, under authorization of the Pope, giving birth to the Carthusia perfumery house.

The rosemary gathered on the Monte Solaro is addressed to men fragrances, while the wild carnation of Capri is the basis of feminine fragrances. A pot pourri of 12 fragrances including the famous Mediteranneo (cologne), 1681 (oriental) or Corallium (chypre), a "barber" collection showcased at Armando’s barber shop, where Napoli soccer players fly by helicopter, or the little giveaways by the brand: gift boxes, small bags scented with patchouli and rose and the travel kit. All you need to leave for a short trip or a long vacation!