Clandestine Clara
Clandestine Clara

What are the secrets of the British aristocracy? Are they as well behaved, courteous and polite as they seem to be? “Portraits” is a tribute to the English spirit; between establishment, humour and provocation. A secret in the heart of Lord George's dynasty as we have never known. Clandestine Clara, a woman with a strong personality who likes to have the final word. Rebel, independent confident, we could caricature her as a woman ahead of her time. Beware of its sweetness as it will end up revealing its spicy and woody facets, before she captivate you by its greedy side.


Clandestine Clara

women's fragrance

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Families :
oriental woody
Head notes :
cinnamon, rum
Heart notes :
Base notes :
amber, caramel, cedar, leather, moss, musk, patchouli, vanilla

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The founder of the brand, William Henry Penhaligon's, arrived in London in the 1860s to make a fortune and thus began his illustrious career. Creative and ambitious, William was inspired by the scents of the Turkish baths of the neighboring Jermyn street and created his first perfume, Hammam Bouquet, in 1874.

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