Filippo, co-founder and art director of UNUM perfumes, was born in Mondolfo (Italy). After a Master of Arts in Fano, he worked for many contemporary artists. In parallel, he studied music at the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music in Rome. He was an art director of many music festivals and participated in international exhibitions and art installations with among other, the Louvre Museum.
In 2001, Filippo Sorcinelli created LAVS, an atelier that realizes handmade liturgical vestments and other objects for the catholic cult. In parallel, Filippo creates the fragrance brand UNUM, whose first perfume, LAVS, was inspired by the holy oils of the Christian Mass and was initially used to perfume the ornements of the sacred garments. He then launches the other UNUM fragrances, still inspired by the woody-incense notes of the Italian churches.