Tola was created by Dhaher Bin Dhaher in the United Arabs Emirates in May 2010. By definition, a tola is a unit of measure which is equal to the mass of a silver rupee (11,7 g). Now, it is still used to weigh rare and precious items. But, Tola is more than just a measurement, Tola is the embodiement of memories. Each fragrances tells an age-old story or make up new tales.
Tola emerged from a desire to share one of his most cherished childhood memories: spending time with his mother and sister as they made bukhoor and perfumed oils.With the aromatic mixture of crushed herbs, flowers and oil still fresh in the creator memories, he reflects fondly on those times. "She filled our home with a rich bouquet of smell that unmistakably embodied her passion, spirit and love."

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