The Laundress

Many laundry cycles ago, Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Boyd simply were young fashion enthusiasts. As they started building up their wardrobes, they were confronted with the frustration of maintaining them: replacing prematurely worn items and paying painful dry cleaning bills. After realizing that 90% of items labeled “Dry Clean Only” are actually washable, they spent 2 years doing research and launched The Laundress in 2004.
The Laundress is a 100% natural collection made with renewable and biodegradable resources and realized without allergens, dyes, petroleum, bleachs, phthalate, phosphates and parabens. Ideal for machine washing and hand washing, these unique detergents contain 3x more enzymes than standard detergents to fight stains and essential oils to pleasantly perfume all your favorite clothes.

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