Kilian Paris

Heir to a long line of entrepreneurs who had embarked on the adventure of luxury with their cognac, Kilian wanted to take over the torch of family spirit. Designing a new luxury brand is an ambition of which the extent reminds of the roots that saw it grow! Thanks to its rich and varied experiences, Kilian launched its brand in 2007. The perfect combination of elegance and absolute luxury, without concessions. His love for perfumes is insatiable: both his body and soul are engaged by scents, without limits. In 2017, ten years after its launch, the brand has created more than 35 fragrances around different collections: The Black Work, Arabian Nights, Asian Tales, In the Garden of Good and Evil and Addictive State of Mind.
Kilian Hennessy's desire is to make the perfume visible. In 2014 he launched his range of perfumed jewelry allowing women to wear their favorite fragrance in a different way, through jewelry. In 2015, Kilian imagines a first collection of scented objects for the interior. The brand continues to imagine sublime products with ultimate sophistication while maintaining its "eco-luxury" philosophy, making each of its creations transferable from generation to generation.

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